Become licensed home inspector-Its easier than you think

What is a certified Home Inspector

Home inspectors are charged with the responsibility of identifying whether a home has any defects. This typically means that he or she must be fully aware of relevant local ordinances, such as frame construction, the electrical and plumbing systems, heating and cooling systems, and the condition of any other structures that are found on the property. The inspector is often called upon to conduct a real estate inspection when a home is up for sale.

Many home inspectors are self-employed contractors. Homeowners or potential home buyers who wish to confirm the structural soundness of a house and the functionality of its utility systems hire home inspectors.

Advantages of being a Certified Home Inspector

One benefit of being a home inspector is that you can be your own boss. You can build your own company, have employees or not, keep regular hours or not, and take a much or as little work as you want to manage. But on a more intangible level, there’s the importance of the services that inspectors provide.

Home inspection service is a visual inspection of the structural elements and systems which are accessible. This typically includes: 1. Foundation 2. Roofing 3. Exterior, walls, siding etc… 4. Porches and decks 5. Attic 6. Electrical systems 7. Plumbing systems 8. Interior 9. Doors and windows 10. Heating and air conditioning systems.

How long does it take?

Just how long does it take to become a home inspector? The answer might surprise you. The coursework necessary to work in the field can take just a few weeks, depending on your background, experience and current occupation. For many people, two or three months is all it takes to learn, train and start their own home inspecting business.

You don’t need an engineering degree or a plumbing license. You also don’t need to understand the difference between live load and dead load to identify a structural anomaly that makes a house unsafe. That’s what home inspection courses are for.

The relatively low startup costs associated with a new home inspection business are also appealing. Unlike many other professions, aspiring home inspectors don’t need to spend thousands on expensive certification programs. Those wondering how much it costs to become a home inspector will be pleasantly surprised to find that just $695 pays your tuition.

What is the average yearly income

The average home inspector salary in the U.S. is about $58,000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics ( You’ll make about $450 bucks per inspection. You’ll earn about 28 bucks per hour. On average. Depending on what state you live in, you could make up to $91,000/PER YEAR.

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